Some of Our Work

Case Management System

This powerful application was created

Furniture Website

Website maintained for a furniture

Cleaning Website

Website created in WordPress for a

Automatic Quote System

A step-by-step guided quote system for

Online Course Revision Center

Online course revision center I

Inventory System

Our client wanted a custom inventory

Course Scheduling System

Client asked for a custom calendar

Furniture Services Booking

We are proud to have implemented this

Process server website

A website developed for a process

Electricity/mobile self-top-up

Website where users can buy

POS – Electricity/mobile top-up

This is an internal POS application

Dispatching System

A powerful internal dispatching system

School Health Tracker

A tool for school nurses to track

Services Booking

We are proud to have implemented this

Email Marketing

Web based Email Marketing Application

University Module Selection

Software for students subscription

Accounting and Invoicing System

A robust accounting/invoicing software

Business Management System

Software developed for general

Ordering, Tracking and Routing System.

A robust Ordering, Tracking and

School Management Software

School management software we

Recruitment software

Recruitment software we developed to